Ages 12 months and walking - 2 years

Ms Donna has been the lead teacher in the Owl room for over 30 years. The children love her happy demeanor and endless new curriculum ideas. The Owl room is attached to the Chickadee room, which provides the smoothest transition for the children’s first teacher change. As children become more mobile in the Chickadee room, they will visit the Owl room play area at least once a day. By the time they are fully walking, they are well accustomed to life in the Owl room and are ready to make the change.

The Owl room is the first room where the children will be sleeping on cots and participating in family style meals in the classroom at their very own toddler sized table. The meals are nutritionally balanced and served attractively, and as an added bonus the children are more willing to try new foods along with their peers than in other environments.